A Companion to Apollonius Rhodius (Mnemosyne, Bibliotheca by Theodore D. Papanghelis, Antonios Rengakos

By Theodore D. Papanghelis, Antonios Rengakos

This quantity on Appolonius of Rhodes, whose "Argonautica" is the only real full-length epic to outlive from the Hellenistic interval, contains articles by way of 14 students from throughout Europe and the USA. Their contributions hide quite a lot of matters from the heritage of the textual content and the issues of the poet's biography via questions of fashion, literary procedure and intertextual family to the epic's library and cultural reception. the purpose is to provide an summary of the scholarly dialogue in those parts and supply a survey of developments in Apollonian reports.

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It differs from its predecessor mainly in that it stresses the learned, even scientific character of the similes. Reitz claims that Apollonius' similes, drawing on philosophy, medicine/natural sciences, language/etymology as well as style/style theory, reflect contemporary scientific discoveries and thus go well beyond Homer. What is too brief or totally absent from the work of Reitz is a discussion of the role of the similes in epic narrative and characterization. Coincidentally, at the same time Effe (1996) stressed exactly this aspect in his work (see also his contribution in this volume).

Scholars did not agree with him. On the contrary, it was widely assumed as self-evident that the scholar Apollonius consciously saw the epic language of the Argonautica as intertextual medium of opposition to Homer. Favourite subjects were formulas, hapax/dis legomena and all in various ways important "Homeric words". A host of relevant observations is to be found mainly in commentaries and miscellanies (a kind of work devoted to such minutiae). All this cannot be evaluated in this survey. Campbell (198la) compiled a comprehensive collection of the Homeric linguistic legacy (including the Hesiodea and the Hymns) in Apollonius and brought out the main paradox that characterizes Apollonius' epic language: Apollonius uses Homeric formulas but his epic is not formulaic (see especially Fantuzzi [1988] 7ff.

Ti|j,axo<;. Of great interest, however, are the two short biographies which (internal contradictions apart) seem to contradict each other19 but give some hints for the textual history. 22 Thus ends the first p(o<;. The second (3io<; also states that Apollonius left Alexandria and lived in Rhodes (acpoSpa 8e catoTD%a)v Kal epuGpiocaac; Tiapeyeveto ev xfi ToSw);23 but it concludes with the report that, as some people said (nveq 8e (pocmv),24 he returned to Alexandria and was rehabilitated, adding that he was even buried next to Callimachus.

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