Twain's A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court by Mark Twain

By Mark Twain

Because the protagonist of a fantastic, pleasant tale that may be learn both as natural leisure or for social feedback, Twain's Yankee is a straightforward American folks personality that confronts the Aristocracy and knighthood. it's also a satire on nostalgia.

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In addition, he cannot ask Sandy to help him because having her help would make him feel as though he were undressing in public (even though he is well clothed inside the armor). He does not spend a good night, although his companion evidently does. In the morning, they move on—Sandy on the horse and The Boss on foot—and before long, they come upon a group of A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court 30 freemen who are flattered by the idea that these two would want to share their food. As they eat, The Boss tries to stir up some sentiment for changing the form of government.

He is cursing and swearing, for another knight has played a practical joke on him, sending him across fields and through swamps for a chance to sell his wares to five of the people whom The Boss just released from Morgan le Fay’s dungeons. He vows that he will avenge this insult. Toward noon, two days later, Sandy informs The Boss that they are approaching an ogre’s castle. When she points it out to him, all he can see is a pigsty filled with pigs. Finally, to keep her happy—she is sure that it is a castle and that the pigs are princesses—he tells her that it must be enchanted to his sight, but he agrees to “rescue” the princesses.

The Boss points out to them, however, that the nobility will lead the charge; they will be the only ones who are on the receiving end of what they plan to do. This reassures the boys. Finally, the knights charge. They hit the spot where the torpedoes have been set, and they are blown to bits. At the same time, an order is given and the factories are blown up. Then, while they wait to see what will happen next, The Boss sends engineers to divert a stream within their lines in a way that it can also be used against their attackers if needed.

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