A Fortress in Shadow by Glen Cook

By Glen Cook

As soon as a robust country reigned, yet now all is chaos. within the sizeable reaches of the wasteland, a tender heretic escapes definite dying and embarks on a venture of insanity and glory. he's El Murid - the Disciple - who vows to deliver order, prosperity, and righteousness to the desolate tract humans of Hammad al Nakir. After 4 lengthy centuries, El Murid is the savior who's destined to construct a brand new empire from the blood his enemies. yet all isn't because it turns out, and the sinister forces pulling the strings of empire come into the sunshine. Who and what lies in the back of El Murid's imaginative and prescient of a wilderness empire?

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Come on. " El Murid, who was still very much the boy Micah al Rhami, lay staring at the tent above him. He let the leak of sunshine tease his eyes. A compulsion to be on his way, to begin preaching, rose within him. He fought it down. He knew he had to recover completely before he began his ministry. But he was so impatient! He knew the wayward habits of the Chosen, now that the angel had opened his eyes. It was imperative that he bring them the Truth as soon as possible. Every life the Dark Lady harvested now meant one more soul lost to the Evil One.

The boy would have died but for Radetic's quick action. Royalist partisans roared. Weapons materialized. "It's going to get ugly. You little fool. " Radetic yanked Haroun off the ground and threw him over his shoulder, then hurried toward his employer's tent. During Disharhun everyone, whether making the pilgrimage to Al Rhemish or not, lived the week in tents. Fuad met them in the street. He had heard a swift-winged rumor of murder. He was angry. A huge man with a savage reputation, Fuad in a rage was a ferocious spectacle.

Open the flap a crack, Meryem. " She did so, and said, "We should bring him something to eat. " "Nothing heavy. " Nassef had seen victims of the desert before. " "All right. Rest easy, foundling. We'll be right back. " He followed his sister from the tent. Meryem paused twenty feet away. " "About the angel? " "I believe it, too, Nassef. In a way. Because I want to. What he says . . I think a lot of people want to hear that kind of thing. I think the abbot sent him down here because he was afraid to listen.

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