A World Treasury of Folk Wisdom by Reynold Feldman

By Reynold Feldman

An anthology of people sayings and proverbs from worldwide, prepared in a hundred alphabetized different types for simple reference. This treasury of proverbial knowledge makes an incredible reward booklet and a convenient reference for audio system and writers.

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In this story, the main characters are Isis; Thoth, the god of wisdom and writing; the seven scorpions; and two Egyptian women. 44 ISIS AND THE SEVEN SCORPIONS Isis Flees From Seth After Seth had killed Osiris, Isis had given birth to her son, Horus, and the sun god Ra had made Osiris lord of the Underworld, Isis began weaving a shroud to place around her husband’s mummy. Although Osiris’s spirit now reigned beneath the horizon, his lifeless body still required preparation for burial, as well as burial itself.

Seth’s blunder cost him greatly. The gods, who had been watching the exchange, finally decided in Horus’s favor, and soon the son of Osiris felt the white crown of Egypt being placed on his head. Osiris Intervenes Still, Seth would not accept the verdict of the divine court. “If you are truly worthy of the kingship,” he told Horus, “you must be able to meet and overcome all challengers. Therefore, I challenge you to meet me in mortal combat. ” Eager to prove himself, Horus accepted his uncle’s dare, and a series of fantastic and dangerous battles ensued.

Ra was shocked because he knew what Baba’s words meant—namely that no one took him, the great sun-god, seriously anymore. Suddenly, like a little boy who sulks when he cannot get his way, Ra retreated into his tent and refused to come out or even to speak to anyone. This, in turn, made the other gods feel uneasy, for they worried that Ra might stop sailing his boat of light across the skies, and that would undoubtedly upset nature’s balance. Seth’s Threats, Isis’s Trickery Luckily, another of Ra’s daughters, Hathor, thought of a way to brighten her father’s mood.

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