Abnormal Psychology: Objective Type by Prema Kumar, Geetika Tankha

By Prema Kumar, Geetika Tankha

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Mter interviewing a new client for more than 2 hours, a psychologist decides to administer the Millon Oinical Multiaxial Inventory. What type of diagnosis is suggested by the selection of this test? (a) Psychasthenia (b) Mental retardation (c) Personality disorder II (d) Organic brain dysfunction 62. Rahul is extremely suspicious and firmly believes that agents of a foreign government follow him everywhere, intending to kill him. In addition, he resents anyone who doubts his beliefs. If administered the MMPI-2 you expect that Rahul would obtain a high score on the scale measuring (a) Hysteria (b) Paranoia (c) Hypomania (d) Psychasthenia 63.

What does axis II of DSM-IV assess? Ans. Axis II provides for coding of long standing maladaptive personality traits that mayor may not be involved in development of axis I disorder. Personality disorders and mental retardation are also diagnosed on thi~ axis. 8. What is a diagnostic interview? Ans. These are of two types: Structured and unstructured involving questions, and probes to relating to particular DSM diagnosis. 9. What are the types of DSM diagnostic interviews? Ans. There are two types of DSM diagnostic interviews: 1.

52 Abnonnal Psychology 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 77. (a) Abnormal behaviour can be understood in terms of faulty learning (b) Abnormal behaviour can be explained in terms of intrapsychic conflIcts (c) Abnormal behaviour can be understood in terms of present internalized beliefs, thoughts and problems solving strategies (d) Abnormal behaviour can be understood in terms of blockage of personal growth of the individual Psychoanalytic theory was developed by: (a) B. F. Skinner (b) Sigmund Freud (c) Karen Horney (d) Carl Jung Only observable behaviour can be reason for abnormal behaviour is the approach propogated by what school of thought in psychology?

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