Active Dreaming: Journeying Beyond Self-Limitation to a Life by Robert Moss

By Robert Moss

Because the good fortune of the hot movie Inception indicates, desires are a resource of perennial fascination. Robert Moss has complicated our knowing of the phenomenon together with his visionary and down-to-earth synthesis of latest dreamwork and venerable shamanic tools. His “active dreaming” contains re-entering desires, exploring their chances, and directing the unconscious to light up and clear up difficulties. He blazes a brand new path, guiding readers to exploit the powers that govern their evening desires to pursue their excellent waking “dream lives.” in keeping with Moss's a long time of educating, the concepts he stocks in those pages are confirmed, strong, or even playful. Readers learn how to comprehend and make the most of synchronicity, shared dreaming, children's goals, and therapeutic goals. The examples Moss stocks inspire readers to stand fears and faucet into dormant energy. the result's the liberty to decide on — after which enjoy — the lifetime of their desires.

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