After Nine Hundred Years by Yves Congar

By Yves Congar

Father Congar exposes and clarifies the political, cultural, and ecclesiological history to the good schism that divided jap and Western Christianity within the eleventh century.

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Simplicius was to trace the development of this du- very beginnings: "uterque orbis," to write. 1 If we were ality in this state of mutual ignorance and estrangement, the acceptance of which really constitutes the schism, we would have to rewrite the whole history of the two churches. Here can only stake out the terrain, indicating significant landmarks rather than give a complete documentation. In the I year of 342 "the first great manifestation of antagonism between the two halves of Christiantiy" 2 took place during the Council of Sardica (now Not Sofia).

Characteristic As far as we know, this may of the Byzantine philosophy 41 it- AFTER NINE HUNDRED YEARS self. 36 The Orthodox Slavs have a for the "rational/* the "Euclidean," as sidering them not contempt, Dostoevsky says, con- distrust, if "extrinsic" or "worldly" (the famous Russian not be entirely fortunate or of posivnesnost'), which may tive value. It is possible that half a century of the Marxist in one bound to the regime will bring Russian Orthodoxy seven centuries of point which we have reached through analysis and rationalism.

Catholic apologists are fond of quoting and using these favorable texts, and they are right to do so. Yet no longer follow them if, once again, 43 we would their secret design AFTER NINE HUNDRED YEARS were to abolish any and all differences between the Eastern and the Western tradition, to the advantage of Latin Catholicism. On we would like to stress which we will return in our con- the other hand, a very important point to the "estrangement," has clusion to this study: the schism, not been brought to completion.

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