America on Record: A History of Recorded Sound (2nd Edition) by André Millard

By André Millard

With Thomas Edison's invention of the phonograph, the gorgeous track that used to be the protect of the rich turned a industrially produced patron stable, affordable sufficient to be to be had to all. In 1877 Edison dreamed that in the future there will be a speaking computing device in each domestic. the USA on list: A heritage of Recorded Sound, first released in 2006, offers a heritage of sound recording from the 1st skinny sheet of tinfoil that used to be manipulated into maintaining sound to the house recordings of rappers within the Nineteen Eighties and the high-tech studios of the Nineteen Nineties. This ebook examines the $64000 technical advancements of acoustic, electrical, and electronic sound copy whereas outlining the cultural impression of recorded track and flicks. This moment version updates the tale, describing the electronic revolution of sound recording with the increase of pcs, Napster, DVD, MP3, and iPod.

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In previous experiments he had been struck by the force of the sound waves moving a diaphragm and wondered if a needle attached to the center of a diaphragm could be powered by sound to make a mark. One night in July 1877, his staff rigged up an indenting stylus connected to a diaphragm, which in turn was attached to a telephone speaker. As Edison shouted into the speaker, a strip of paraffin-coated paper was run underneath the stylus. An examination of the strip showed the irregular marks made by the sound waves.

The customer could choose from a list of about fifty selections. Unfortunately the sound quality of his duplicates was not very good, and sales were low. In the race to find a method to mass-produce duplicates of recordings, the disc experimenters were at a decided disadvantage, because their duplicates did not sound as clear and distinct as an Edison cylinder. The acid used to etch the groove in the disc masters eradicated some of the sound waves, causing indistinct or "muddy" reproduc- A phonograph in every home 47 tion.

The inventors experimented with electric motors, clockwork and spring motors, foot treadles, gravity feeds (in which a weight pulled down a cord attached to a spindle), and even water power. The other major concern was the reproduction of sound. There were endless possible variations in the critical assembly of stylus and The inventors 33 diaphragm: different materials and shapes for the diaphragm, clever mechanical connections between stylus and diaphragm, and a wide variety of shapes and sizes for the air chamber that enclosed the diaphragm.

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