Analytical Profiles of Drug Substances and Excipients, Vol. by Harry G. Brittain

By Harry G. Brittain

Even supposing the professional compendia outline a drug substance as to id, purity, energy, and caliber, they commonly don't supply different actual or chemical info, nor do they record tools of synthesis or pathways of actual or organic degradation and metabolism. Such details is scattered through the medical literature and the records of pharmaceutical laboratories. Analytical Profiles of Drug components and Excipients, brings the newest details jointly in a single source.•Represents an important contribution to the perform of pharmaceutical research• provides an outstanding review of actual, chemical, and biomedical houses of a few usually pharmaceuticals• every one quantity within the sequence incorporates a cumulative index

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References 59 60 . F. BELALAND ABDULLAHA. 3 Proprietary Names [1] Edathamil; EDTA; Havidote, Versene acid. 1 Empirical Formula, Molecular Weight, CAS Number [1-3] CloHI6N208. 71 Appearance [1] Edetic acid is obtained as crystals from water; Edetate sodium is a powder; Edetate disodium is composed of dihydrate crystals; Edetate trisodium is obtained as monohydrate crystals from water; Edetate calcium disodium is a tetrahydrate powder. All materials are white in color, and odorless. 5 F. BELALAND ABDULLAHA.

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