Animals Up Close: Zoom in on the World's Most Incredible by Igor Siwanowicz

By Igor Siwanowicz

This identify allows you to zoom in at the world's such a lot amazing creatures. in case your baby will be pint-sized like a pipistrelle bat, or see eye-to-eye with a housefly they'd stumble upon a miniature international of wierd physique shapes, strange habit, and a few jaw-dropping insights into lifestyles for the very small. due to nature photographer Igor Siwanowicz's fantastic pictures, they could just do that. With those marvelous pictures, they'll see in eye-popping pack up element how tiny creatures hunt, feed, flow, live to tell the tale and thrive. There are regular creatures like flies and beetles to examine, in addition to unique birds, reptiles, amphibians and rodents. notice what makes them diverse and the way they take care of dwelling in hugely assorted habitats. With Igor's backstage advisor on find out how to photo such tiny beasts, this can be an grand view of nature in miniature.

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The camel spider is not venomous, and does not leap up to attack camels or people. It eats only termites or other small invertebrates. It's not even really a spider. In fact it belongs to a related group of desertdwelling arachnids more correctly known as solpugids. ISTICS T A ST NAME: Galeodes arabs LIFE SPAN: Less than 1 year The body is covered with stiff hairs, which the nocturnal camel spider uses like whiskers to help feel its way in the dark. Together with the muscles controlling them, the camel spider's mouthparts are among the largest in the animal kingdom, relative to its body size.

The distinctive shape of the owl's face is formed by the arrangement of feathers, which help funnel sound towards the ears, hidden just behind the eyes. The bill is pointed and sharply hooked. Prey is killed with a precision bite to the neck. Beetle mania As well as small mammals, frogs, and lizards, Burrowing owls eat a lot of insects. They sometimes collect the droppings of mammals and scatter them in and around their burrow. The dung attracts beetles, which then make easy pickings for the owl.

The moist black nose is constantly busy – in fact hedgehogs are often heard before they are seen, giving away their position in the undergrowth with surprisingly noisy snuffling and snorting sounds. Curling up Hedgehogs possess a band of muscle around their body which, when tightened, pulls in a skirt of loose skin like a drawstring bag. At the same time, the spines are erected, turning the hedgehog into a prickly ball. Very few predators have mastered the art of opening rolled hedgehogs, but sadly the trick offers no protection against speeding cars.

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