Atmospheric Optics by N. F. Kuprevich, A. Kh. Kurmaeva (auth.), Nikolai B. Divari

By N. F. Kuprevich, A. Kh. Kurmaeva (auth.), Nikolai B. Divari (eds.)

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Videneeva, who used a different instrument. 3 ............... J and A values. The observations were made by Ya. A. Teifel' at the mountain observatory of the Astrophysics Institute in the vicinity of Alma-Ata before noon on 4 October 1965. In the table, column 1 gives the number of the lines in Fig. J for which the observations were made, and column 4 gives the difference between fJ. J)] and minimum [fJ. J x • J Fig. 4. J = 60°. eous observations at different wavelengths have shown, as is apparent from Fig.

Pyaskovskaya-Fesenkova, Investigation of Light Scattering in the Earth's Atmosphere [in Russian], Izd. Akad. Nauk SSSR, Moscow (1957). ATMOSPHERIC TRANSMITTANCE AND THE INTERRELATIONSHIPS OF CERTAIN OPTICAL PARAMETERS G. Sh. Livshits and V. E. Pavlov Studies of atmospheric transmittance and scattered-light intensity make it possible to establish relationships among certain optical parameters. These relationships can then be used in solving a number of applied problems. In the present paper, from an analysis of direct observations of spectral transmittance and scattering functions, we shall establish a relationship among the following optical parameters of the atmosphere.

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