Banewreaker by Jacqueline Carey

By Jacqueline Carey

Following the effective good fortune of her Kushiel sequence (Kushiel's Dart, Kushiel's Chosen, Kushiel's Avatar), Jacqueline Carey now turns her hand to a different startling fantasy, an epic story of gods waging warfare of their bid to regulate a whole universe and the mortals they use as chess items in a most threatening game.

Once, the Seven Shapers dwelled in accord. First-born between them used to be Haomane, Lord-of-Thought and along with his brother and sister gods, the Seven drew upon of the ability of the Souma, claimed a race of beings for his or her personal and commenced Shaping the area to their will.

But Haomane observed the methods of this new international and used to be displeased. For in his more youthful brother Satoris, as soon as known as the Sower, Haomane inspiration too prideful and in his reward, the quickening of the flesh too freely to the races...and to that of guy specifically. Haomane requested Satoris to withdraw his reward from males yet he refused. And so all started the Shapers' struggle.

Eons have handed. The struggle that ensued Sundered the very global. Haomane and his siblings lay to at least one finish of an enormous ocean not able to the touch their creations, Satoris and the races of the realm at the different. Satoris has been damaged and left adrift one of the peoples of the realm and is reviled, with lots of the races believing that it was once he by myself who triggered the rift and depriving them of the balm of the Seven. He sits in Darkhaven, controlling his personal dominion--seeking no longer victory yet neither vengeance.

But nonetheless Haomane isn't content material. via Haomane's whispers within the minds and hearts of the races of the realm come a prophecy that if Satoris have been defeated, the realm should be made complete and all might delight in the sunshine of the Souma back. And the few who remain by way of Satoris are seen because the final evil. And so the races come jointly to defeat Satoris, a being who helped engender all of them yet who's stuck in his elder brother's warp.

Strong storytelling with evocative, compelling, and unforgettable characters, Banewrecker eventually asks the query:

If all that's thought of reliable considers you evil, are you?

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Hyrgolf shook his massive head. " No, of course not. In the First Age of the Sundered World, when Satoris was sore wounded and at his weakest, when Haomane First-Born, the Lord-of-Thought, had called upon the Souma and brought the sun so near to earth it scorched the land and brought into being the Unknown Desert, the Fjeltroll had sheltered Satoris and pledged their loyalty to him. After his Counselors had been defeated, Haomane First-Born uttered his Prophecy into the ears of his allies. The Prophecy was not shared with the Fjel.

So began the Shapers' War. Though many dragons died and Satoris was held at bay, he might have prevailed in the end, had it not been for Haomane First-Born. The Lord-of-Thought struck the earth a mighty blow, severing the head from the body of Urulat. And, in accordance with the will of Meronin the Deep, the Sundering Sea rushed in to fill the divide. The Six Shapers were islanded, on that island later called Torath, and the power of the Souma was broken; but Satoris was cast out on the far side of the Sundering Sea, bereft and wounded.

If they could not hold it, neither would they cede it to the Enemy. Who threatened them once again. " he shouted, letting his voice echo from the hillsides. "A red star has risen in the west! Our Enemy threatens war! " A roar answered, and his mount danced sideways beneath him; black as pitch, a prince among stallions, frothing at the bit. The strong neck arched, hide sleek with sweat. At his side, Vorax chuckled deep in his chest, sitting comfortably in his deep-cantled saddle. Unlike Tanaros in his unadorned field armor, the Staccian wore full dress regalia, his gilded armor resplendent as a lesser sun beneath the heavy clouds.

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