Basic Topological Structures of Ordinary Differential by V.V. Filippov

By V.V. Filippov

Normally, equations with discontinuities in area variables persist with the ideology of the `sliding mode'. This ebook comprises the 1st account of the speculation which permits the attention of actual strategies for such equations. the adaptation among the 2 techniques is illustrated via scalar equations of the sort y?=f(y) and by means of equations coming up less than the synthesis of optimum regulate. an in depth research of topological results on the topic of restrict passages in traditional differential equations widens the speculation for the case of equations with non-stop right-hand aspects, and makes it attainable to paintings simply with equations with complex discontinuities of their right-hand aspects and with differential inclusions. viewers: This quantity could be of curiosity to graduate scholars and researchers whose paintings consists of traditional differential equations, practical research and basic topology.

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4, the obvious equality F-1(M) = U{(FIH) -1 (M): H EI} , and properties of the induced topology. The theorem is proved. 7. Let a multi-valued mapping F : X -> Y of a topological space X into a topological space Y be upper semicontinuous on every element of an open cover of the space X. Then the mapping F is upper semicontinuous (on the entire space X). Proof. 7 it is necessary to notice that a restriction of an upper semicontinuous mapping to a subspace is upper semicontinuous with respect to the induced topology.

3: f3 E B}: a E A} be a generalized sequence of points of the space X. {3 : a E A} con verge with respect to a directed set

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