Beowulf: The Critical Heritage (Critical Heritage Series) by Andreas Haarder, T A Shippey, T. A. Shippey

By Andreas Haarder, T A Shippey, T. A. Shippey

The creation to this e-book (free to Kindle clients) is usually a good creation to the background of Beowulf scholarship. i am afraid i will not tackle the remainder of the e-book; the cost is very excessive for the non-specialist. (It turns out to have a remarkably excessive revenues rank, given its excessive fee and recondite subject.)

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The ‘Postscript’ was indeed the most marked U-turn in the history of Beowulf scholarship: but it was also a turning-point for the whole tradition. In it (see item 37) Kemble abjures Suhm and all his works, along with anything reminiscent of the ‘Frothi V’ approach; denies the Danishness of the whole tradition; puts Beowulf the Scylding at the head of all the family trees of the ancient North; and points to the suspiciously supernatural and non-historical nature of Beowulf the Wægmunding. The carefully detailed relationship of Beowulf with the Hrethling dynasty and especially Hygelac, by this time clear, is brushed aside as an ‘accidental connection’, Hygelac having ‘in reality nothing to do’ with ‘the subject of the poem’.

Both these gaps were about to be filled, the first by the appearance on the scene of Karl Victor Müllenhoff (1818–84), the second by the introduction to the poem of Lieder theorie. It is true that both Franz Joseph Mone (1796–1871) and Heinrich Leo (1799–1879) give the air, in their studies of 1836 and 1839 respectively, of being consolidators. : it may be that Grundtvig had this idea in mind when he constructed his own triple allegory of 1841 mentioned above. He was also responsible for the discovery of another ‘abandoned datum’ by printing the medieval poem of ‘The Schretel [or “kobold”] and the Water-bear’, taken seriously for decades as a major Beowulf-analogue.

He was born at Terkelsbøl, just north of the present border, but worked for much of his life as a pastor at Brecklum, now well inside Germany. It has to be confessed that the linguistic situation in such areas was and is even more complex than described above, the local dialect of German being not standard German or Hochdeutsch but Plattdeutsch, in some ways more like Dutch. Meanwhile there is a substantial enclave on the east coast of North-Frisian speakers, whose dialects are more like English than anything mentioned so far.

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