By the Sword (Kerowyn's Tale) by Mercedes Lackey

By Mercedes Lackey

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You ‘re the one who eats his meat raw. ” :Cooking ruins the flavor,: Warrl replied haughtily. : “Dear Goddess. No wonder they die young. Yes, I’m going after her. ” Tarma reminded her mare with a touch of her heels that she was supposed to be trotting. The mare grunted, and grudgingly increased her speed. : Warrl, creature of the magic-riddled Pelagir Hills, had some mage-abilities of his own; how much, he’d never told Tarma or her partner. He’d been able to throw off magical attacks in the past that would have killed a man.

He reached down, as Dierna shrank away from him, and grabbed a lock of her long, unbound dark hair. He yanked her back toward him with it tangled cruelly in his fingers - Kero watched her clench her teeth and wince - and cut the lock off with a single stroke of his knife. Kero bit her lip with sudden speculation. That was not what she’d expected him to do. As she watched, he rose from his impromptu seat, kicking Dierna out of the way impatiently, and took the lock of hair to a flat rock just inside the ring of firelight.

And it’s a good thing I have a head for heights, she thought soberly, eyeing the stair dubiously. Oh, well. . She tethered Verenna to the hitching post, giving her enough lead-rope so that she’d be able to graze a little. It’s too late for wolves, and too early for mountain-cats. I hope. Once again she looked back down the path, and once again saw and heard nothing out of the ordinary. She turned and started up the staircase, with one hand on the rough stone wall, resolutely looking at the steps and not over the open side.

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