Byzantium (Harper Fiction) by Stephen R. Lawhead

By Stephen R. Lawhead

Born to rule even supposing born to rule, Aidan lives as a scribe in a distant Irish monastery at the some distance, wild fringe of Christendom. safe in paintings, contemplation, and desires of the broader global, a miracle bursts into Aidan's quiet lifestyles. he's selected to accompany a small band of priests on a quest to the farthest japanese reaches of the recognized international, to the fabled urban of Byzantium, the place they're to provide a stunning and dear hand-illuminated manuscript, the ebook of Kells, to the Emperor of all Christendom. therefore starts off an day trip by means of sea and over land, as Aidan turns into, via turns, a warrior and a sailor, a slave and a secret agent, a Viking and a Saracen, and eventually, a guy. He sees extra of the area than so much males of his time, turning into an envoy to kings and an intimate of Byzantium's fabled Golden courtroom. and at last this valiant Irish monk faces the best trial which may confront any guy in any age: commanding his personal future.

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Again, my senses pricked to the suggestion of an alternate purpose for the journey—a purpose which many seemed to know. “You seem well apprised of these matters,” I suggested. ” “We are, yes,” Brynach affirmed. “But you are not scribes,” I blurted in surprise. “Forgive me, that did not sound as I meant it. ” “Be at ease, brother,” tutted Gwilym. ” “The truth is,” Brynach confided, “we are not scribes. And yet, the Great King, in his infinite wisdom, has seen fit to include us in your exalted company.

I rose slowly, stepped to the toppled candletree, and raised it once more. The sound of its fall had roused me from my dream, but how had it become upset? The door bumped in the wind. No doubt I had forgotten to secure the latch and a gust of wind had toppled the candletree. I moved to the door and pulled it shut with the leather thong, making certain that the wooden latch dropped into its groove. I returned to my place and renewed my posture, then began the Kyrie once more. But the dream remained fresh before me, assaulting my mind with its dire warning, and I could not pray.

Casting his gaze around him, he spread wide his arms. “The peace of our Lord be with you, my dear children,” he called in a fine strong voice. ” “As many as have come to you, that many more would have gladly accompanied me,” the bishop continued. ” He paused, smiling with pleasure. ” Then, passing his staff of office to his secnab, Bishop Cadoc gestured for one of the monks to step forward. As the monk came near, he drew the strap of his bulga over his head and offered it to his superior. Cadoc received it, pulled the peg, lifted the flap and withdrew the book to cries of amazement and wonder all around.

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