Caesar: Selections from his Commentarii De Bello Gallico by Julius Caesar, Hans-Friedrich Mueller

By Julius Caesar, Hans-Friedrich Mueller

This article offers unadapted Latin passages from the Commentarii De Bello Gallico: e-book 1.1 7; booklet 4.24 35 and the 1st sentence of bankruptcy 36; ebook 5.24 forty eight; ebook 6.13 20 and the English of Books 1, 6, and 7
It contains all of the required English and Latin decisions from Caesar's De Bello Gallico for the 2012-2013 AP* Curriculum.

Introduction comprises ancient context, an summary of the Roman military, and Caesar as common, baby-kisser, and Writer
Latin textual content followed by means of same-page notes (grammatical, literary, historic, contextual)
Same-page working vocabulary
Pull-out vocabulary
Complete Latin-English glossary
Online grammatical appendix
Select bibliography
Eight newly-created maps
19 black-and-white illustrations
Appendix: Figures of Speech

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