Canadian Society: Sociological Perspectives by Bernard R. Blishen, Frank E. Jones, Kaspar D. Naegele, John

By Bernard R. Blishen, Frank E. Jones, Kaspar D. Naegele, John Porter


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The need spurred the search for skilled manpower abroad; much of it was available because of war-time dislocations. Nevertheless, as we have seen, this immigration was not enough to offset the population gaps when the time came for the missing people to enter the housing market. Perhaps the economy could have adjusted if the birth-rate had remained consistently low. But the post-war upward surge to earlier levels created a mass of population in the younger age groups. This is revealed in the 1961 census figures in the very large proportion found in the age categories 0-4, 5-9, and 10-14.

While the prospect is stimulating, the main problem is to maintain an orderly growth of the economy in order to be able to absorb the approaching labour market entrants. Also, there should be an orderly progression of skills in the economy, so that there will be a sufficient number in the age groups immediately ahead of the young workers to provide insbuction and supervision. 1 Uni! :1 50 54 45 49 , 4 MAlES 11961 Census 70 74 65 69 60 64 55 59 r-'-:1 I L ~~ I: ,"--1 (: I I I I I I I FEMAlES -UNITS -+ (Units 01 182,382 persons) (I" 01 census popul,lion) Figure 3 tries in advance.

The tidal wave of young persons, sweeping through the school system, has already taxed its facilities considerably, forcing the rapid consbuction of schools. Attempts to expand the university system sufficiently to absorb the greater demand are under way. There will be a drastic effect on the labour market by the late 1960s. As the wave breaks into the marrying age, causing the demand for living accommodation to shoot up, it will place a great strain on the housing consbuction industry. The slow-down of activity in various sectors of industry in the late fifties and early sixties, especially in consumer durables, was only temporary.

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