Chainfire: Chainfire Trilogy, Part 1 (Sword of Truth, Book by Terry Goodkind

By Terry Goodkind

With Wizard's First Rule and 7 next masterpieces, Terry Goodkind has delighted readers around the world with the original sweep of his storytelling. Now Goodkind returns with a brand new novel of Richard and Kahlan, the start of a series of 3 novels that may convey their epic tale to its culmination.After being gravely injured in conflict, Richard awakes to find Kahlan lacking. To his disbelief, nobody recalls the lady he's frantically looking for. Worse, not anyone believes that she quite exists, or that he used to be ever married. on my own as by no means sooner than, he needs to locate the girl he loves greater than existence itself....if she is even nonetheless alive. If she used to be ever even actual.

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Cara,” he said as he swept up three waterskins and hung their straps around his neck, “be sure to get all the food that can travel and bring it along. ” Cara nodded. She packed methodically, now that she realized he had no intention of leaving her behind. Nicci caught his sleeve. “Richard, I mean it, we have to talk. ” He snatched up his bow and quiver. ” With a nod of resignation, Nicci finally abandoned her arguments and rushed to the back room to gather her own things. Far from minding having Nicci along, Richard wanted her help; her gift might be useful in finding Kahlan.

You were bleeding inside. I had to…” She faltered as she stared up into his eyes. Richard bent down a little toward her. ” Nicci shrugged one shoulder self-consciously. ” Nicci was a powerful sorceress in her own right, but she was infinitely more exceptional in that she was able to wield underworld forces as well. She had once been committed to those forces. She had once been known as Death’s Mistress. Healing was not exactly her specialty. Richard’s caution flared. ” She again clasped his shoulders, although more compassionately this time.

Nicci is right, Lord Rahl. You weren’t yourself. You were fighting us. I had to hold you down just so she could help you. “I’ve stood over men at the cusp of death. Strange things happen when they’re in that place. ” Richard knew very well what she meant when she said that she had stood over men on the cusp of death. The profession of Mord-Sith had been torture—at least it had been until he changed all that. He carried the Agiel of Denna, the Mord-Sith who had once stood over him in that capacity.

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