Chinese Fables and Folk Stories by Mary Hayes Davis

By Mary Hayes Davis

From the Authors’ PREFACE:

IT calls for a lot research of the Oriental brain to seize even short glimpses of the key of its mysterious appeal. An open brain and the knowledge of serious sympathy are stipulations necessary to making it in any respect attainable.

Contemplative, mild, and metaphysical of their behavior of idea, the chinese language have mirrored profoundly and labored out many riddles of the universe in methods exceptionally their very own. consciousness of the worth and want to usa extra yes wisdom of the psychological procedures of our Oriental brothers, raises splendidly as one starts off to appreciate the richness, intensity, and wonder in their proposal, ripened because it is via the hidden methods of evolution during the a long time.

to procure literal translations from the psychological shop- j condo of the chinese language has now not been chanced on effortless of achievement; however it is a more challenging, and a so much elusive job to try to translate their fancies, to work out lifestyles itself because it appears to be like from the chinese language viewpoint, and to retell those impressions with out wasting particularly all in their colour and style.

The "impressions," the "airy shapes" shaped by way of the Oriental mind's eye, the lifestyles touches and mystery graces of its fancy are right now the enjoyment and depression of the person who makes an attempt to list them.

In retelling those chinese language tales of domestic and faculty lifestyles, the author has been significantly aided by way of the Rev. Chow Leung, whose obtrusive wish to serve his place of birth and feature the lives of his humans mirrored really, has made him a useful collaborator. With the sufferer courtesy attribute of the chinese language, he has given a lot time to explaining imprecise issues and answering questions innumerable.

it's been an approved trust of the world's top students that chinese language literature didn't own the delusion, and chapters in fascinating books were written in this topic declaring its absence. however, whereas learning the folks, language, and literature of China it was once the good excitement of the author to find that the chinese language have many fables, some of that are released during this e-book.

As those tales, widespread in the house and faculty lifetime of the youngsters of China, convey diverse levels of the nature of a humans within the very procedures of formation, it truly is earnestly was hoping that this English presentation of them might help a bit towards a greater realizing and appreciation of chinese language personality as a complete.

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Tiful Wa-Na-Juch hopped on Si-Ma-Quong's lap and shoulder and ate from his hand. He was a very handsome bird, and he sang all day long. One day he flew out to the lake to bathe, and Si-MaQuong was very happy watching him. Then he ran and told his mother, in the lake. I think the water him a good hot His mother 1 "Mii-Tsing, is saw the bird bathe too cold for him. " When she the water bathed Si-Ma-Quong, she showed him must not be too hot to understand. " went He out, put some clean hot water in a dish, and called the bird, but it would not even go near the water.

She her husband when so young and now she has lost fort in life lost her only child. happiness lost. to expect in life. The A first happiness lost the second widowed woman has nothing more Oh, I want to do something for her. " Woo-Lau-Chan then dressed herself and took up CHINESE FABLES AND FOLK STORIES 52 her sleeping child and ran to the house where the dead baby She was brave and went lay. into the dark empty room, and no one saw her. She never thought or cared about the bad luck it might bring, nor of herself in any way.

Every year she raised many hundreds of chickens, which she sold to support herself and her two Each day children. the chickens hunted bugs, rice, went to the fields near and green things 37 to eat. by and CHINESE FABLES AND FOLK STORIES 38 The one was called the king of the chickens, because, of all the> hundreds in the flock, he was the largest And strongest. them He for this reason he was the leader of all. led the flock to new He places for food. could crow the loudest, and as he was the strongest, none dared oppose him in any way.

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