Chromatography of Pharmaceuticals. Natural, Synthetic, and by Satinder Ahuja

By Satinder Ahuja

content material: Chromatography and pharmaceutical research / Satinder Ahuja --
Chromatography and new drug improvement / Satinder Ahuja --
trade innovations for research of prescribed drugs / John A. Adamovics and Kimberly Shields --
Ruggedness of impurity determinations in prescribed drugs : high-performance liquid chromatography research with ultraviolet detection / M.P. Newton, John Mascho, and Randy J. Maddux --
High-performance liquid chromatography in pharmaceutical improvement of antibiotic items / L.J. Lorenz --
fuel chromatography and pharmaceutical analyses / Harold M. McNair and Ketan M. Trivedi --
fuel chromatography and mass spectrometry of Erythrina alkaloids from the foliage of genetic clones of 3 Erythrina species / Lori D. Payne and Joe P. Foley --
constructing stereoselective high-performance liquid chromatographic assays for pharmacokinetic reviews / Irving W. Wainer --
Direct enantiomeric separation and research of a few aromatase inhibitors on cellulose-based chiral desk bound stages / Hassan Y. Aboul-Enein --
Chromatographic research of host-cell protein impurities in prescription drugs derived from recombinant DNA / Donald O. O'Keefe and Mark L. Will --
Binding proteins in improvement of online postcolumn response detection platforms for liquid chromatography / Minas S. Barbarakis and Leonidas G. Bachas --
choice of a brand new oral cephalosporin in organic fluids : liquid chromatographic, ultraviolet, and mass spectrometric equipment / Hwai-Tzong Pan, Pramila Kumari, and Chin-Chung Lin --
medicinal drugs and metabolites in organic fluids : computerized research by way of laboratory robotics / Linda A. Brunner --
Preparative separations of glycerophospholipids via high-performance liquid chromatography / J.V. Amari and P.R. Brown --
Small-molecule pharmaceutical separations via capillary electrophoresis : approach improvement and manipulation of selectivity / Michael E. Swartz and John VanAntwerp.

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Biomed. , 1989, 7, 1757. 41. Smith, R. ; Westlake, J. ; Gill, R and Osselton, D. M. J. , 1990, 514, 97. 42. Hansen, S. ; Helboe, P. and Thomsen, M. J. Pharm. Biomed. , 1984, 2, 165. 43. Hansen, S. ; Thomsen, M. , J. , 1981, 210, 453. 44. Hansen, S. H. and Helboe, P. J. , 1984, 285, 53. 45. Shatz, V. ; Sahartova, Ο. V. and Kalvins, I. J. , 1990, 521, 19. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1992. ch004 High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Analysis with Ultraviolet Detection M.

Small amounts of triethylamine are also added to improve and maintain good peak shape over extended column use in the assay procedure. Bulk Drug and Formulated Products. This same chromatographic system is used to assay both bulk drug materials and formulated products. The assays are primarily designed as a "dilute-and-shoot" type of application. The drug substance is dissolved in an aqueous acidic buffer containing an internal standard that provides suitable drug solubility and reasonable solution stability for the drug substance.

ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1992. 32 CHROMATOGRAPHY OF PHARMACEUTICALS hydrazinium derivatives (45) and ethylenediamine based buffers (41). The disadvantage of these types of chromatographic systems are the long equilibration time (43). ch003 Applications Impurities-degradants. The impurities and dégradants of bulk nadolol can be analyzed by either reversed-phase or aqueous silica methods (7). Table III compares the relative retentions of these impurities by these two chromatographic methods.

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