Pygmalion and Arms and the Man (Cliffs Notes) by James K. Lowers, Marilynn O. Harper

By James K. Lowers, Marilynn O. Harper

In Pygmalion, Shaw provides the classical tale of a professor who transforms a woman of the reduce classification into a chic creature, who then falls in love with him -- regrettably in love, that's. Set in Bulgaria, hands and the fellow satirizes romantic attitudes approximately love and battle. Raina, the heroine, falls in love with a cowardly, chocolate-loving enemy soldier in the course of an unnamed battle. After the conflict, her fiance demanding situations her new admirer to a duel, loses center, and proposes to the maid as an alternative.

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In Shaw’s words, Eliza “likes Freddy and she likes the Colonel; and she does not like Higgins and Mr. Doolittle. ” Pygmalion & Arms and the Man 44 CHARACTER ANALYSES Professor Henry Higgins Henry Higgins, forty years old, is a bundle of paradoxes. In spite of his brilliant intellectual achievements, his manners are usually those of the worst sort of petulant, whining child. He is a combination of loveable eccentricities, brilliant achievements, and devoted dedication to improving the human race.

He can’t imagine that she will have any difficulty in finding something to do—or even in marrying someone. After all, not all men are “confirmed old bachelors” like Higgins and Pickering. Maybe Mrs. Higgins could find a young chap for her. Eliza then informs him that all that she has ever done is sell flowers; now, as a lady, she can’t even sell flowers; all she can hope to do is sell herself. She wishes Higgins had left her where he found her. ) Higgins returns to Eliza’s original desire to work in a flower shop, and he suggests that Pickering could perhaps set up Eliza in her own shop.

The two ladies discuss how incensed they both are that Sergius related the tale about the escaping soldier. Raina, however, doesn’t care if Sergius hears about it; she is tired of his stiff propriety. At that moment, Louka announces the presence of a Swiss officer with a carpetbag, calling for the lady of the house. His name is Captain Bluntschli. Instantly, they both know he is the “chocolate cream soldier” who is returning the Major’s old coat that they disguised him in. As they make rapid, desperate plans to send him away, Major Petkoff hails Bluntschli and greets him warmly as the person who aided them in the final negotiations of the war; the old Major insists that Bluntschli must their houseguest until he has to return to Switzerland.

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