Communicating with Quotes: The Igbo Case by Joyce Penfield

By Joyce Penfield

Using quotations or proverbs to exhibit a message is a vital conversation procedure within the Igbo society of southeastern Nigeria. Penfield contends that there are few, if any, passable ethnographic investigations of the place, why, how, and by way of whom or between whom proverbs are used, and the diversity of interactional events during which they're used. this type of examine, Penfield believes, might show the numerous styles and values of a specific society, and recommend options that will be necessary in constructing a normal idea of quoting habit and using proverbs.

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24 FROM GAME TO WAR Park, Dorothy G. 1931. Freudian Influence on Academic Psychology. Psychological Review 38:73-85. Pruette, Lorine. 1926. G. Stanley Hall: A Biography of a Mind. New York: D. Appleton. Randolph, Vance. 1947. Ozark Superstitions. New York: Columbia University Press. - - - . 1976. Pissing in the Snow and Other Ozark Folktales. Urbana: University of Illinois Press. - - - . 1992a. Roll Me in Your Arms: "Unprintable" Ozark Folksongs and Folklore. Vol. 1. Folksongs and Music. Fayetteville: University of Arkansas Press.

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