Comprehensive Dictionary of Literature by Bonn, Julien D.

By Bonn, Julien D.

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The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott

A richly imagined, remarkably written tale of the lady who created Little ladies- and the way love replaced her in methods she by no means anticipated. Deftly blending truth and fiction, Kelly O'Connor McNees returns to the summer season of 1855, while vivacious Louisa may possibly Alcott is twenty-two and bursting to unfastened herself from relations and societal constraints and do what she loves such a lot.

Plan de evasion

Recordaba esa primera visita del gobernador como el incidente de un sueño . Cuando Enrique Nevers. en un momento de debilidad. aceptó alejarse de su amada para administrar l. a. cárcel de las islas de los angeles Salvación. estaba lejos de imaginar los terribles acontecimientos que lo tendrían como único testigo.


A urban is hit by way of a plague of "white blindness" which spares nobody. gurus confine the ignorant of an empty psychological sanatorium, yet there the legal point holds every body captive, stealing meals rations and raping ladies. there's one eyewitness to this nightmare who courses seven strangers-among them a boy without mom, a lady with darkish glasses, a puppy of tears-through the barren streets, and the procession turns into as uncanny because the atmosphere are harrowing.

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Sis. ; _ erziehungsroman _ epode : see bildungsroman. a type of lyric poem in which a long verse is followed by a shorter one, or the third and last part of an ode. Also, the third part of a triadic Greek poem or Pindaric verse following the strophe and the antistrophe. _ epopee an epic poem, or the history, action or legend, which is the subject of an epic poem. - epos an epic poem. Also a number of poems of an epic theme, but which are not formally united. expressive of : the author's outlook and per~ sonality.

The term I : - dispondee was coined by the eighteenthcentury English writer ~ a metrical foot in ancient poetry, Samuel Johnson to describe 'a I consisting of four long syllables, combination of dissimilar im- ~ equivalent to a double spondee. Litemtflre --===================--= II 46 * • dissonance I a combination of harsh or jar- I ring sounds, especially in poetry. Although such combina- I tions may be accidental, poets I sometimes intentionally make I them to achieve particular effects. Dissonance is also I sometimes used to refer to close but not identical rhymes.

T h e N'1genan . ClVl " 1 war an d I·e orus mg : later wrote two volumes of I a group of actors who compoetry 'Beware Soul Brother' : mented on and interpreted the (19Tl) and 'Christmas in ~ unfolding action on the stage, Biafra' (1973), and one of lit- I erary essays, 'Morning Yet on Creation Day' (1975), about the war. He taught at the Uni- I versity of Nigeria, Nsukka (1976-81), and was the founding editor (1971) of the I influential journal 'Okike'. He ; usually in ancient Greek has also written numerous : drama.

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