Computer Architecture and System Design by J. Vaideeswaran

By J. Vaideeswaran

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The IBM batch machines have separate hardware units for decimal and straight binary arithmetic. The usual parallel adder is also called as ripple carry adder and the carries generated have to ripple through settling down before full propagation thus implying a delay in the addition process. To overcome this difficulty, faster arithmetic units employ the carry look ahead (CLA) process to speedup, discovered by Weinberger and Smith in 1956. The design was further refined in the stretch computer of 1960's.

A state diagram is an alternative approach for stating sequential circuits. SR = 00 or 10 10 SR = 00, 01 01 Fig. 24 State transition diagram of SR flipflop 48 Computer architecture and systems design In addition, the combinational circuit may also contain external outputs. In such a situation, the boolean functions for the external outputs are derived from the state table by combinational circuit design methods. Counters are easily achieved by making use of JK flipflops. All flipflops in a synchronous counter are clocked at the same time whereas the ripple counter is an asynchronous one.

34. Show that there can be no mantissa overflow after a multiplication operation. 35. Double-precision floating point numeric data uses 53 bits for mantissa that includes a sign bit and 11 bits are used for biased exponent. Calculate the maximum number of decimal digits that can be stored by this representation and the maximum and minimum values of the exponent taking proper constant as bias. 36. Using a 2 input multiplexer, implement only the sum output of a full adder. 37. Construct a four input multiplexer making use of two-input multiplexers.

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