Computer Law by Chris Reed

By Chris Reed

Early therapy of computing device legislations used to be not more than the applying of current rules to novel units of evidence. at the present time it's been famous usually that computing expertise does certainly supply upward push to particular felony difficulties which aren't resolvable by way of employing current felony rules. issues lined diversity from contractual concerns and highbrow estate safeguard to digital trade, facts safeguard and legal responsibility of web carrier companies.

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1 below) which may run counter to the actual intentions of the parties, so a written agreement gives certainty to the terms of the transaction. 2 Significance of the negotiation process There is also an important function to the negotiation process that leads up to signature of a written agreement. This process should help to ensure that the parties understand each other's expectations about the deal in question, and to draw out differences in those expectations that can then be resolved before they lead to problems.

Today, it is possible to identify a clear shift from these discrete products to pure trade in information services. From a user's perspective this makes a great deal of sense—what is required is the final output of the information-processing process, such as a document or a set of accounts, and the precise equipment and software used to produce that output are merely means to an end. This shift generates a further fundamental challenge to the law. Services were previously the result of human effort or skill, and the quality of service to be provided could be judged against the standards expected from other humans.

They discussed their needs with the salesperson, and signed up on Olivetti's standard terms. These dealt only with the system's technical performance, but did not address certain other important issues. The system proved unsuitable for the firm's purposes; it was slow, difficult to use, and could not expand to cope with new business. None of these matters was dealt with in the contract. In the event, the court found that Olivetti was bound by the salesperson's claims that the system would be suitable for the law firm's needs, but by that stage the firm had expended time and money in the litigation, and then of course had to find a replacement system.

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