Concise Garden Wildlife Guide by Bloomsbury Publishing

By Bloomsbury Publishing

This superbly illustrated concise advisor is filled with info at the natural world that may be present in Britain and the close to Continent, together with mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, bugs, molluscs, and crustaceans. It covers round two hundred species, all of that are illustrated with exceptional full-colour artistic endeavors. A concise written account masking dimension, description, voice, habitat, distribution and conduct seems at the comparable web page because the representation for every species. The easy-to-follow layouts and marvelous artistic endeavors relief speedy and actual identity, and make this e-book a useful reference open air in addition to at home.

To safeguard it opposed to the weather, the e-book is wrapped in a sturdy plastic pockets. additionally incorporated is a fold-out insert illustrating variations among comparable species, and supporting in quickly identification.
Renowned typical background artists Sandra Doyle, Stuart Carter, David Daly and Lyn Wells painted the illustrations.

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The its plumage with the female incubates the eggs and changing seasons, but has looks after the young. white wing tips year-round. 34 GAMEBIRDS | PHASIANIDAE PROFILE e f g b h i j k l Scotland, N. 1 kg) Hollow on ground, at base of tree, lined with grass, pine needles, twigs white spot on shoulder 4–15 eggs; 1 brood Least Concern Family groups/flocks Herbivorous diet The western capercaillie has a bill with a powerful but precise grip, allowing it to pick up berries or tear pine needles from the branches.

Like other grebes, it has an extremely soft plumage, which can be fluffed out or compressed to adjust the amount of air it contains. This alters its buoyancy, letting it sink quietly out of sight in case of any approaching danger. Little grebes breed on water and the female lays 4–6 eggs. Both parents take care of the eggs and young, frequently Winter plumage In winter, adult birds lose carrying them on their backs, their chestnut cheeks, and and even diving with them held become dark brown above under their wings.

Not have a train. GAMEBIRDS | PHASIANIDAE PROFILE e f g b h i j k l Throughout the Northern Hemisphere in Arctic tundra, from Iceland to Kamchatka in the Russian Far East Rocky tundra with sparse vegetation, also on high peaks above 6,500 ft (2,000 m) Cold-proof The rock ptarmigan has highly insulating plumage, and also fully feathered feet, which help it walk across ice and freshly fallen snow. 33 small, delicate bill red comb above eye “salt-and-pepper” pattern on gray upperparts Nonmigrant 13–15 in (33–38 cm) 15–26 oz (425–750 g) Depression, lined with plant matter and feathers, often away from cover 8–10 eggs; 1 brood Least Concern Winter flocks white belly feathered feet SIMILAR SPECIES Lagopus muta ROCK PTARMIGAN rich redbrown body Willow ptarmigan Larger, lacks red comb in winter Ptarmigans are medium-sized gamebirds adapted to cold conditions.

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