Confessor: Chainfire Trilogy, Part 3 (Sword Of Truth, Book by Terry Goodkind

By Terry Goodkind

Descending into darkness, approximately to be crushed through evil, these humans nonetheless unfastened are powerless to prevent the arriving sunrise of a savage new global, whereas Richard faces the guilt of realizing that he needs to allow it occur. by myself, he needs to undergo the burden of a sin he dare now not confess to the only individual he loves…and has misplaced.  Join Richard and Kahlan within the concluding novel of 1 of the main striking and remarkable trips ever written. It began with one rule, and should finish with the guideline of all principles, the rule of thumb unwritten, the rule of thumb unstated because the sunrise of heritage. whilst subsequent the sunlight rises, the area could be eternally replaced.

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Kahlan swallowed back her own confused feelings over Richard Rahl-a man she had never met-and stared at her guards marching back and forth. ” Jagang held up a fist. Muscled cords stood out on his arms as the fist tightened. Veins in his temples bulged. “Sooner or later I will crush the immoral resistance offered by Richard Rahl, and then I’ll deal with Nicci. ” Kahlan and this Nicci had something in common. If Jagang ever got his hands on Nicci, Kahlan knew, he was going to do his worst to her as well.

Wherever she was, she always analyzed the situation and envisioned how she would implement an attempt to escape. This was not the time, or place, but she still had thought it through. She wouldn’t kill the stupid one first, but she would take his knife, just as Jagang had said. Then she would turn to the smart one because he was more watchful and his reactions were far quicker. The special guards’ task was to prevent her from escaping; they weren’t supposed to use lethal force against her. When the smart one came at her to tackle her, she would already have the knife and would use their closing momentum as she spun toward him to slash his throat.

She met his gaze with nothing but her blank countenance. He turned back to Sister Armina. “So what? Sister Ulicia put the boxes in play. ” Sister Ulicia shouted up from the floor between them. “Two players now! The year starts over! ” Sister Ulicia lunged. ” There was nothing there and her arms caught only air. She sat back heavily on the floor, breathing rapidly. Trembling hands covered her face, as if she was overwhelmed by what had just taken place. Jagang turned away, lost in thought as he considered.

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