Contribution Towards a Glossary of the Glynne Language by George William Lyttelton

By George William Lyttelton

The Glynnese thesaurus is that infrequent beast, a dictionary of a relatives language. Many households strengthen favorite phrases and words, giving them detailed meanings in response to passing occasions or encounters. For the main half those fade into oblivion with the dying in their clients. The households of William Gladstone, numerous occasions best Minister of britain, and of his spouse Catherine Glynne, notwithstanding, built an strangely wealthy and protracted language; and this used to be recorded within the thesaurus in 1851 by way of Gladstone's brother-in-law George, Lord Lyttelton, who married Catherine Glynne's sister Mary. Glynnese should be traced via generations of relatives memoirs, and the households' lofty social prestige ended in its being taken up by means of outsiders. Lyttelton was once a skilled scholar of language, and within the thesaurus he attracts at the modern approval for philology to supply a spoof dictionary which parodies the culture of dialect glossaries, whereas properly recording the eccentric vagaries of Glynnese. George William, 4th Baron Lyttelton (1817-76) was once expert at Eton and at Trinity university, Cambridge, the place he used to be Senior vintage (top of the 1st type in Classics) in 1838. In 1839 he and William Gladstone married the sisters Mary and Catherine Glynne in a double marriage ceremony carried out by means of the brides' father. He had 8 sons and 4 daughters, and one more 3 daughters by means of his moment spouse. Lyttelton and Gladstone have been either prepared composers in Latin and Greek, and released a e-book of translations from English literature jointly in 1861. Lyttelton committed a lot of his lifestyles to public provider, specially in schooling, sitting on Royal Commissions within the 1860s. He was once a manic depressive, and devoted suicide in 1876.

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In his reply, he wrote that: xxxviii Christopher Stray It may be true, that some of the expressions are, and even have been, for many years in common use. Lord Lyttelton may have erred in supposing them peculiar. But there is another explanation. I apprehend that since the formation of the material for the book began, ‘ ’tis sixty years since’. Undoubtedly friends of the principal creators became very fond, I may almost say ambitious, of using the phrases from their point and aptitude: the last Duke of Devonshire to wit.

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