Copyright, freedom of speech, and cultural policy in the by Michiel Elst

By Michiel Elst

This booklet strains the effect of the industrial and political perestroika at the copyright legislations of the overdue USSR and the Russian Federation. The transformation of the executive command economic climate right into a industry economic climate, the advent of the guideline of legislations and the adoption of a natural-law-view on human rights, the revolution in cultural coverage, all encouraged either the contents and the functionality of copyright legislation for the authors, leisure and data industries and the patrons. The booklet presents an in depth research of the liberty of expression, and of copyright laws in Russia, consistently with an eye fixed on old comparisons and evolutions . whilst it supplies an artificial evaluation of the most alterations in constitutional, civil and financial legislations within the final 15 years.

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1977. Feldbrugge 1993, 229. 1977. 25 Fundamentals 1961. This form of socialist ownership is not relevant to the cultural sector, and will not be discussed further. 19–27 Fundamentals 1961. On the differentiation of property law, so typical of Soviet jurisprudence, according to the subject matter and its economic role in the planned economy, see Malfliet 1985, 62–68. 22 Copyright, Freedom of Speech, and Cultural Policy in the Russian Federation State property formed one fund, with one owner, the Soviet Union (not the Union Republics).

55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. On the publishing sector, see Walker 11–13. On the planning-cycle in publishing industries, see Walker 41–44. B. Simons, “Introduction”, in Simons/White 401. 53 Statute of the CPSU of 1961 (with later alterations in 1966 and 1971). 59–60 Statute of the CPSU 1961. 60 Statute of the CPSU 1961. Walker 22–24. The most important man was not the director (who was usually a party member appointed for his loyalty rather than his ability), but the secretary of the studio’s PPO.

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