Coyote Wisdom by J. Frank Dobie

By J. Frank Dobie

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Creating wealth and flipping it got here effortless to Cydney yet folding the cash until eventually it changed into anything attractive used to be the not easy half. that is the origami concept that Cydney's, a self-serving immigrations officer, grandfather instilled in her. She led a sketchy company in Arizona via her 9-5, buying and selling eco-friendly playing cards for loyalty to her aspect enterprise that have been fueled by way of human trafficking among different unspeakable issues.

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He had no other crops except one maguey plant. His jacal was the same size as the others in this same region; but, standing near this maguey plant, it looked like a child's house for dolls, because this maguey was the largest one in all the country. It held its blades curving over the roof in the manner of the branches of a tree. Juan was very proud of this giant maguey, which gave him his living; he tended it with care and affection. He did not use a gourd and straw to suck out the agua miel, as this "honey water" is extracted from ordinary magueys.

The queen laughed heartily as the Burro, very proud of himself, smiled at her and then at the rest of the animals. "See only how smart is this fellow," she said to the Lion. But the Lion was not impressed much by the decision and was already making pieces of the unfortunate Burro. "You will have to do better than that," the King Lion told the crowd, as he looked from one animal to the other. "Come here, Miss Sheep. " Little Señorita Sheep was a great admirer of the big León, and as she stepped out from the crowd it was plain to see what her decision would be.

Fox the next time he saw him. And Señor Fox, where was he? Quien sabe? Paisano Saves Rabbit from Rattlesnake Many are the tricks of the Paisano, called by the gringoes the chaparral bird or roadrunner. He has many ways Page 35 of fighting his enemy the rattlesnake, such as building a corral of thorns around him, and throwing prickly pear in his pathways. But the strangest thing of all that he ever did to the rattlesnake was the time he saved the rabbit's life. The snake was enborrachando1 the rabbit, swaying his head from side to side and crawling closer and closer to the little helpless animal who could not move at all but stood there trembling unable to escape from the rattlesnake's spell.

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