Crystal Gorge (The Dreamers, Book 3) by David Eddings

By David Eddings

Dont omit CRYSTAL GORGEthe ultimate publication within the long island occasions bestselling epic delusion sequence, The Dreamers. Aracia, sister of the goddess Zelana (The Elder Gods), and Veltan (The precious One) have missed the prophecy of The Dreamers. Now, their lack of knowledge may well lead to the destruction of Dhrall.

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Of course. Its a lot like what happens to a female cow at mating time. The sea notices that the moons passing by, and she gets those urges to - well - he faltered. You know what I mean. He was just a bit embarrassed by what hed just said. N o w that makes a lot more sense than all that talk about gravity, Id say, Gunda added. Are you saying that the sea gets mating urges twice a day? Ekial demanded with a certain surprise. I most certainly wouldnt, Veltan replied. I learned a long time ago that nobody in his right mind offends Mother Sea.

We need to know if the people of Aracias Domain have anything at all resembling an army. If the bug-people do decide to come this way, were going to have to hold them off - at least until Sorgan can get here, and that might take a while.

Unlike the canoes of Lady Zelanas Domain, this one appeared to be a hollowed-out log with a dozen or so paddlers on each side. A grossly fat man wearing a black linen robe and an ornate miter was standing at the front - which didnt seem to be a very good idea to Andar. Standing up in a canoe could be a very good way to get wet in a hurry. Holy Aracia invites you to her temple, mighty warriors, the man announced in an almost oratorical manner. Welcome are you in her Domain in this time of crisis, forasmuch as we, her servants, are ill-prepared to meet the unholy invaders which most certainly even now are preparing to assault this precious land with evil intent, and though we would all joyfully die in her defense, beloved Aracia has most wisely chosen a different course, and you, oh mighty warriors, have generously agreed to stand in our stead and to wreak destruction unimaginable upon our foes.

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