Cyclic β-Glucans from Microorganisms: Production, Properties by Geetha Venkatachalam, Sathyanarayana Gummadi, Mukesh Doble

By Geetha Venkatachalam, Sathyanarayana Gummadi, Mukesh Doble

to Cyclic glucans are polysaccharides which are predominantly produced by means of Agrobacterium, Bradyrhizobium and Rhizobium sp. and primary within the pharmaceutical and nutrients industries. during this publication, the purposes, homes, analytical instruments, creation and genes of 4 major cyclic β-glucans from microorganisms are highlighted and severely evaluated. As biocompatible and biodegradable renewable assets, they've got a major capability for destiny functions, which has no longer but been totally exploited. This concise evaluate may also help to bridge this gap.

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7 complementary DNA retroviral expression library using b-glucan-rich particle zymosan (Di Carlo and Fiore 1958) the receptor identified as dectin-1 (Molecular mass 28000). It is reported for its specificity to dendritic cells (Ariizumi et al. 2000). In addition it shows their expression in every macrophage population and tissues particularly highest expression in liver, lung, and thymus (Brown and Gordon 2001). Moreover, it recognizes a variety of b-1,3-linked and b-1,6-linked glucans from fungi and plants, including laminarin, glucan phosphate, pustulan, lichenan, curdlan, galactan, barley glucan, mannan, cellulose, dextran, pullulan, laminariheptaose.

Meliloti (Benincasa et al. 1987; Dell et al. 1983; Koizumi et al. 1988; Koizumi et al. 1983; Rizzo et al. 1989). The size distribution of glucans from A. tumefaciens is a result of the competing elongation and cyclization reactions (Breedveld et al. 1990). 1 Structure 35 Fig. 2 Structure of cyclic b-(1,3)-(1,6)-glucan from B. japonicum (Rolin et al. , greater than 18 glucose residues) are greater than those of cyclodextrins (Palleschi and Crescenzi 1985). So they may permit the formation of inclusion complexes with large hydrophobic guest molecules.

J Immunol 134(5):3307–3315 Soltanian S, Stuyven E, Cox E, Sorgeloos P, Bossier P (2009) Beta-glucans as immunostimulant in vertebrates and invertebrates. Crit Rev Microbiol 35(2):109–138 Suarez ER, Kralovec JA, Grindley BT (2010) Isolation of phosphorylated polysaccharides from algae: the immunostimulatory principle of Chlorella pyrenoidosa. Carbohydr Res 345(9):1190–1204 Wasser S (2002) Medicinal mushrooms as a source of antitumor and immunomodulating polysaccharides. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol 60(3):258–274 Williamson G, Damani K, Devenney P, Faulds CB, Morris VJ, Stevens BJH (1992) Mechanism of action of cyclic b-(1,2)-glucan synthetase from Agrobacterium tumefaciens: competition between cyclization and elongation reactions.

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