Dark Ranger (The Many Kingdoms, Book 1) by Dawn Napier

By Dawn Napier

Darkish Ranger is the 1st ebook within the Many Kingdoms trilogy, a well-known fairytale global of monsters and wizards, evil and magic. Garrett is a Ranger of the sunshine, a sworn mother or father of the flora and fauna and its population. His responsibility is to root out evil and damage it ahead of it may ruin the land he cherishes, yet he reveals it tricky to spot that evil in himself. His center is damaged through the brutal homicide of his liked, and his thirst for revenge leaves him susceptible to the manipulation of the blood-wizard, Scythe. Fellow rangers Wren and Nolan are decided to reclaim their friend's soul and produce him again to the sunshine. they're aided through a wandering dwarf and a wild fairy who longs for humanity. yet because the partners realize, even magic can't retailer anyone who doesn't are looking to be stored.

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