Dawn of Night: The Erevis Cale Trilogy, Book II (Forgotten by Paul S. Kemp

By Paul S. Kemp

The shadows recede from a misplaced temple in a forgotten wilderness.The sunlight rises on a brand new calling for a guy as unswerving as he's mysterious.The day's starting reveals Erevis Cale maintaining in his regular palms extra energy than he dared wish for - and extra accountability than he ever imagined.For now, he'll need to placed his belief in a god served by means of theives and born of chaos.

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The assassin let his blades fall slack and merely stared. Jak detected the beginnings of a smirk at the corners of Riven's mouth, though the assassin's breathing came fast. Cale answered Riven's stare with one of his own. His yellow eyes flashed. Shadows spiraled around his head. To his credit, Riven kept his voice level. "If I was an enemy, Cale, you'd already be dead. It only pays to be fast if you see what's coming. Don't get sloppy. We both know that all of the dead in this city won't be as harmless as those ghosts.

Riven and Magadon took the flanks, spreading out ten paces to the left and right, clearing buildings as they moved. Jak and Cale spaced themselves a few paces apart and walked down the broad road. Having descended into the valley, the ruins blocked their view of the necropolis so they could no longer see the occasionally flashing gold light. It didn't matter. They knew where to go. The road led directly to it. Within a quarter hour, the rain lessened to something more moderate than a downpour, but lightning still flashed through the sky.

Sweating and gasping, Jak replied, "But they aren't. " "Maybe," Cale said. Over his shoulder, he shouted to Magadon and Riven, "If they wanted to attack, they could have already. We're being herded. " Magadon said as he turned and fired an arrow, then another and another. Cale could only nod, and Jak could only agree. The wraiths were holding back, waiting for a more opportune moment to attack. Jak heard Riven spit, and heard the tell-tale whistle of the assassin's sabers whirling through the air.

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