Deathstalker Rebellion: Being the Second Part of the Life by Simon R. Green

By Simon R. Green

The sequel to the best-selling Deathstalker follows outlaw Owen Deathstalker and his band of washed-up warriors, pirates, and extraterrestrial beings, as he battles the tyrannical Queen Lionstone XIV to look after the galaxy's freedom.

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Perhaps off duty they were real party animals, but Owen rather doubted it. From what he'd seen of the Hadenmen as they went calmly about rebuilding their strange and unsettling city deep below the frozen surface of the Wolfling World, the augmented men had no attributes that were not strictly logical and functional. The only Hadenman Owen and Hazel had known at all well was Tobias Moon, who'd traveled with them for a while, but he'd spent so long among humans that he'd acquired a surface gloss of humanity—or at least a very good copy of it.

It's been discussed from every angle and subjected to intense analysis. Even the Hadenmen liked it. This mission is just what we need to start the rebellion with a bang. " "Oh, sure. They can all tune in their holos and watch us getting our ass kicked in living color. " "You are. " "So am I. That's why this plan is the best way to announce the rebellion's presence. We can't hope to win a head-on fight. They've got far more men and guns and ships than we have. So instead, we launch a lightning attack and hit them where it really hurts.

He knew he wouldn't really need to do anything once he got there, but his bladder wasn't listening to reason. Not for the first time, it had ideas of its own. He was always like this when the pressure was on, and he had too much time to think. The afternoon before he'd made his first major speech at the Imperial Historians' Convention, he'd spent so long in their toilets that they actually sent someone in to ask if he was all right. Owen sniffed, stepped inside the starship's single toilet, and pulled the door shut behind him.

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