Defiance by Lili St. Crow

By Lili St. Crow

Now that sixteen-year-old Dru's worst fears have come precise and Sergej has abducted her ally Graves, she'll need to cross on a suicidal rescue challenge to deliver him again in a single piece. that's, if she will be able to positioned all of Christophe's education to reliable use, defeat her mother's traitor, Anna, as soon as and for all, and have the capacity to continue to exist one other day...

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Yet another question I didn’t ask. The gym was empty, collapsible wooden bleachers pushed up against the walls and the entire floor covered with mats. Shafts of dusky light peered down from high windows covered with chicken wire, dust dancing through the golden beams. I was grateful I was wearing jeans, because if I hadn’t I’d’ve lost some skin when I’d done the sliding-on-my-knees trick to get away from him. He hadn’t mentioned me going out during the day. But he’d run me ragged through the first two malaika forms and now he was kicking my ass all over the gym.

I kept doing weird things whenever I got a whiff of Apple Pie Boy. Even though I knew he probably smelled like that because he fed from the vein. Like a sucker. A ―glutter,‖ the wulfen called it—a djamphir that drank human blood. They don’t have to. But it kickstarts them, gives them greater strength and speed and accelerated healing. The tradeoff is the risk of the aura-dark, an allergy to sunshine that can induce anaphylactic shock. Still, some djamphir do it. They aren’t supposed to . . but they do, for that extra strength and speed.

Thank God. ―Just . . ‖ It sounded unhelpful, even to me. I decided it was maybe safer to say a little more. Nothing I told her ended up coming out Christophe’s mouth. Or Shanks’s. ‖ She sped up a little, and I could tell she was aiming for a subway entrance. For a moment my skin chilled. ‖ ―Both. ‖ Like, before it slips the knife in and twists? Like that. ‖ But she sobered, her mouth turning down. ―Yeah. ‖ I stared at the sidewalk, glancing up every once in a while to check out the street. Nat took care of steering us both.

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