Demonstorm (Legends of the Raven 3) by James Barclay

By James Barclay

This is often THE END.... The dragons have long gone domestic, the elves are secure. The Raven have saved their delivers. yet destiny has now not accomplished with them. because the conflict among the universities rages on, an previous enemy senses that his likelihood to revenge a sour defeat has come. Tessaya, Lord of the Paleon Tribes, has waited patiently for his second and now, with Balaia in flames, he makes his stream and unleashes the Wesmen hordes. In Xetesk, his forces scattered, Dystran, Lord of the Mount, faces yes defeat through the Wesmen except he unleashes the horrfying energy of dimensional magics. And Dystran has now not come this some distance to be crushed on the final by means of a rabble of ignorant tribesmen. And so the veil among dimensions is torn.... And past, a predatory evil stirs. Demons capture the odor of numerous souls in Balaia.
Can even The Raven succeed while the realm is coming to an finish? A delusion milestone is reached. James Barclay brings his sensational saga of The Raven to a heart-stopping end.

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They were uncertain, nervous and looking to each other to make the first move. The Raven made it for them. 'Better call your leader down here,' said The Unknown. ' The Raven had weapons sheathed but both Erienne and Denser were ready with shield spells should the need arise. In front of them, a heavy-set man with both hands on the pommel of his saddle spoke. 'He'll be along presently, I have no doubt. ' 'You all need to hear what we have to say. All seven,' said The Unknown. Hirad smiled unpleasantly.

See it stays that way. One more thing. You will not unsheathe swords in this village. ' The leader shook his head, indicating his men move aside to let them through before he replied. ' He paused. 'Not all of them would take "no" for an answer. ' The Raven led their horses into the village, angling for the indicated farm on its eastern edge. The elves followed them, their suspicion plain. ' asked Hirad. 'Well, they aren't faces I recognise,' said The Unknown. 'And they clearly don't know us, which is a blessing.

Well said, Hirad. ' Chapter 6 Tessaya ducked as another FlameOrb smashed into the rubble of a building behind him, its deep blue flame gorging on whatever wood it could find. The garish light it cast threw harsh shadows on the walls and ground around him. He ordered another attack on the gates. Conservatively, he reckoned he had lost a third of his men to Xeteskian sword and spell; most of them when the tower and parapet had collapsed the previous night. Riasu was dead, so were at least two other tribal lords.

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