Encyclopedia of Ancient Deities by Patricia Turner

By Patricia Turner

The historical past of the divine is the heritage of human inspiration. for so long as women and men have contemplated the mysteries in their lifestyles, they've got responded their very own questions with tales of gods and goddesses. trust in those deities formed entire civilizations, but this day a lot of their names and photographs lie buried.

The Encyclopedia of old Deities makes these names on hand to the final reader in addition to the coed. This reference paintings lists all of the identified gods via recorded historical past. Alphabetically prepared entries give you the identify of every deity (with exchange spellings), in addition to notes on names which may be linguistically or functionally comparable. The tribe or tradition that worshiped the deity is pointed out, and the god’s origins and features are explained.

An wide bibliography presents possibilities for additional study and an exhaustive index presents entry to the entries via nearly all names, kinds and types of deities.

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The followers of Brahma consider his mother as Sandili. The goddess Lakshmi is also indicated as his possible mother. It is also said that he is the son of Brahma, Kasyapa and of Aditi or Angiras the king of the Manes. He is said to be the husband of Suada (also spelled Suadha, Svaha and Swaha and known as Agnayi) and father of Pavaka, Pavamana and Suci. He is the father of Karttikeya (also known as Skanda). Agni carries the Asu or Manas which is the spiritual principle to the sun after cremation of the body.

Her siblings are Aegialeus, Argeia, Cyanippus, Deipyle and Hippodameia. She married Diomedes and later had an affair with her husband's friend's son Cometes. See also Adrestus; Amphithea; Heliades; Hippodameia; Sthenelus. Aegialeia (B) (Greek) This is an older name of the city of Sicyon. Aegialeius (Greek) see Aegialeus. Aegialeus (A) (Greek) He is the son of Inachus the river god who was also and first king of Argos and his father's sister, Melia. His siblings are Io, Hera's attendant, and Phoroneus, who was the first to erect an altar in honor of Hera.

Nymph of the fountain. Aganippe lived in the spring of the same name at the foot of Mt. Helicon and provided inspiration to all who drank from her waters. Aganippe, known as the nymph of inspiration, is the daughter of Permessus, a river god. See Naiads for other classes of water nymphs. See also Danae; Muses. Aganju (Yoruba People, Africa) In some myths Aganju is the son of Odudua and the brother/spouse of Yemoja. They became the parents of several 24 AGANUS • AGENOR (A) river goddesses and of Ogun, Olokun, Orunjan, Shango, Shankpanna and others.

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