Drug Discovery for the Treatment of Addiction : Medicinal by Brian S. Fulton

By Brian S. Fulton

With habit a key goal for drug discovery efforts, this e-book fills an immense and well timed desire for medicinal chemists who have to comprehend advanced neuroscience concerns. the writer illustrates medicinal chemistry's famous position in treating dependancy and covers particular medicines of abuse together with narcotics, stimulants, depressants, nicotine, and marijuana.

• Interprets advanced neuro- organic and pharmacological details, just like the drug-reward process, for medicinal chemists
• Emphasizes neurotransmitters and neurochemical mechanisms of addictive drugs
• Pulls jointly info at the many power drug ambitions for treating addiction
• Stresses detailed medicinal chemistry difficulties while describing pharmacology trying out equipment and drug development

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33 My goal will be to give a brief introduction with the average medicinal chemist as the audience. A simplified schematic of the brain will be used. 2 contains the major anatomical regions that will be discussed. It is important to appreciate that it is greatly simplified scheme. For example, the nucleus accumbens is composed of different shells, each thought to contribute to different aspects of the different stages of addiction. 3 depicts a much simpler scheme of the addiction circuitry to keep in mind as we proceed.

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