Edgar Cayce's story of the origin and destiny of man by Lytle W Robinson

By Lytle W Robinson

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W e have seen that of all the functions attributed to Elijah, two are outstanding. H e is to announce the great and terrible day of the Lord, and he is to turn the hearts of the children to the parents. T h e latter role is not only the most gracious of all his functions but also the most significant, when we consider the real day-by-day needs of the people of Israel. The folk mind could have paid Elijah no higher tribute. Messiahs after all were far off. Patron kings and princes not seldom failed them.

Teaches us that just as the vine lives and is supported by dead trees, so Israel lives and finds support on the patriarchs. Elijah prayed a number of prayers, but was not an­ swered until he mentioned Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Similarly, Moses at the time when the people committed the sin of the golden calf, prayed many prayers but was not answered until he mentioned the names of the Pa­ triarchs. Hence Israel is to be compared to the vine. 4, Midrash Exodus Rabbah, ch. 44, sec. 1; Warsaw, 1867.

Isaiah 6:5. , 6:6; the Seraph's coals of fire cleansed Isaiah from the sin of libelling the people in the foregoing verse. I Kings 19:10 and 14. , 16; Elijah is punished by being removed. 1 Kings 19:14. I Kings 19:15; that is, Elijah should have been the first type of prophet and been zealous for Israel's honor as well as God's. 8 0 8 1 8 2 8 3 8 4 8 6 8 6 T H E H I S T O R I C A L ELIJAH 49 ELIJAH GAINSAID GOD AND W A S RIGHT Rabbi Eleazar said: Elijah uttered words against God, as it says: Thou didst turn their hearts backwards?

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