International Copyright Law and Access to Education in by Susan Isiko Strba

By Susan Isiko Strba

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Title: International Copyright legislations and entry to schooling in constructing Countries
Author: Strba, Susan Isiko
Publisher: Brill educational Pub
Publication Date: 2012/10/01
Number of Pages: 237
Binding sort: HARDCOVER
Library of Congress: 2012023826

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63 The rights granted under the TRIPS Agreement include the rights provided for under the Berne Convention64 as well as the rental right provided for under article 11 of the Agreement. This research puts emphasis on the reproduction and translation rights, because they are directly relevant for access to printed educational material in developing countries. For developing countries, which mainly depend on textbooks as a source of learning or educational material,65 their major interest is in being able to reproduce protected textbooks or any learning material in hard copy form.

49 WIPO Convention supra, preamble. 50 Peter J. Groves, Sourcebook on Intellectual Property Law, (London, Cavendish Publishing Limited, 2003), p. 261. C:R. pdf 52 Christophe Geiger, “ “Constitutionalising” intellectual property? The influence of fundamental rights on intellectual property in the European Union,” International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law, vol. 37, no. 4, (2006): 371–406, at 378, (hereinafter referred to as Geiger, Constitutionalising IP). 53 According to the utilitarian theory, the author is to be motivated to create new works by the prospect of a reward in the form of a right, which he can make use of to receive remuneration.

However, it is clear that the development of an indigenous scientifijic and technological capacity is indispensable for development. Development of the appropriate scientifijic and technological capacity depends on many factors. 12 Indeed, history shows that countries have used IP regimes to further what they perceive as their own economic interests. S, Constitution of 1789 under which, in Article I, Section 8, Congress was granted the power to promote the progress of science and useful arts by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries.

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