Law of the Broken Earth (Griffin Mage Trilogy) by Rachel Neumeier

By Rachel Neumeier

In Feierabiand, within the huge eco-friendly Delta, faraway from the burning warmth of the griffin's barren region, Mienthe's peaceable lifestyles has been shaken. Tan - shrewdpermanent, cynical, and an skilled secret agent - has introduced a perilous mystery out of the neighboring state of Linularinum.

Now, as 3 nations and species rush towards destruction, Mienthe fears that even her strong cousin Bertaud can be neither capable nor even prepared to discover a secure direction among the key Linularinum might kill to maintain and the determined ferocity of the griffins. yet can Mienthe?

And, finally, will Tan support her . . . or do every little thing in his strength to face in her approach?

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He favored his son, already almost a young man when Mienthe was born, and left Mienthe largely to the care of a succession of nurses—a succession because servants rarely stayed long in that house. If Mienthe had had no one but the nurses, her childhood might have been bleak indeed. But she had Tef. Tef was the gardener and a man of general work. He had been a soldier for many years and lost a foot in a long-ago dispute with Casmantium. Tef was no longer young and he walked with a crutch, but he was not afraid of Mienthe’s father.

Oh, well,” said Tef, when she asked him. He paused, picking up a clump of dark earth and crumbling it thoughtfully in his fingers. “You know, Mie, I think maybe Lord Bertaud was hurt somehow in all that mess this summer, and don’t fool yourself, if there was any kind of battle, I’m sure it was a right mess. They always are. Or maybe he was just tired out. I wonder if maybe he… well. What I think is, when it came right to it, when he found he needed a place to shut himself away from everything and just rest, somehow he found himself thinking of the Delta.

Mienthe remembered that her lord cousin was supposed to have dismissed all the staff. She would have liked to ask Enned about this, but she did not quite dare. The coach swept around the wide drive and drew to a halt, and the driver jumped down to put the step in place. Enned descended and turned to offer Mienthe his hand. Lord Bertaud came out of the house before they quite reached it. He looked tired and distracted. Behind the tiredness and distraction was that other, darker depth that Mienthe could not quite recognize.

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