Multilevel Urban Governance and the 'European City': by Nico Giersig

By Nico Giersig

City students have get a hold of very various solutions to the query of what the most defining features of city Europe are and whether or not they should be defined in a different ideal-typical version, the 'European-city'. with a purpose to absolutely comprehend the present political preparations and ongoing differences in city Europe, they've got more and more grew to become in the direction of 'multilevel governance techniques' to behavior extra entire and comparative analyses of city politics and guidelines.

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Instead, it is argued that there are currently no adequate, genuinely political authorities on a supranational level detectable that would be capable of compensating for this decline of political power on the national level. Therefore, the crisis of national governments has often been interpreted as part of an overall decline of governability on all policy levels, as a crisis of the political as such, the principles of which are ever more sacrificed or at least subordinated to the economic logic of global capital and the principle of international competitiveness (Geyer 2003: 561).

Secondly, it will be crucial for us to avoid putting these different spheres and levels of influence into a hierarchical or causal order. Instead of looking for one single most important guiding principle that can account for the characteristics and transformations of cities as objects of social scientific research in a deterministic way, we have to take into consideration the interconnectedness and mutual dependencies of a bundle of relevant factors on different levels of analysis. Thus, cities can only be adequately analyzed as part of a wider context of social, institutional, political and economic relations.

Do the political decisions taken enjoy enough democratic legitimacy (Herrschel and Newman 2002: 18)? 44 purportedly dominant structuring principle or line of argument (some would say: ideological premise) (Sellers 2005: 431-2). Under these circumstances, the ‘raison d'être’ of an international debate asking for a reinforced or diminished autonomy of the city in comparison to the power of the national government is rendered somewhat obsolete. Leaving aside the fact that we are highly unlikely to find an answer that universally applies to all cities throughout western Europe, the challenging questions and problems of urban political studies cannot be dealt with in the confines of analyzing the degree of ‘local autonomy’ within the context of the nation state.

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