On Migration: Dangerous Journeys and the Living World by Ruth Padel

By Ruth Padel

“Life all started with migration.” In a powerful tapestry of lifestyles at the flow, Ruth Padel weaves poems and prose, technology and faith, wild nature and human heritage, to conjure an international created and sustained by means of migration.

'We're all from someplace else,' she starts. “Migration builds civilization but in addition reasons displacement.” From the Holy Family’s Flight into Egypt, the misplaced Colony on Roanoke and the well-known picture ‘Migrant Mother’, she turns to John James Audubon’s trip from Haiti and France, heirlooms carried via Ellis Island, Kennedy’s “society of immigrants” and Casa del Migrante at the Mexican border.

But she reaches the human tale throughout the millennia-old trips of cells in bodies, bushes within the Ice Age, Monarch butterflies vacationing from Alaska to Mexico. As warblers conflict hurricanes over the Caribbean and wildebeest courageous a river jam-packed with the biggest crocodiles in Africa, she exhibits that the aim of migration for either people and animals is survival.

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