On the Sublime in Psychoanalysis, Archetypal Psychology and by Petruska Clarkson

By Petruska Clarkson

This publication relies on contributions round the suggestion of the chic and its presence, avoidance or use in modern psychotherapeutic perform. it's a respond to the yearnings of the folk of our time for an acknowledgement and an honouring of the transpersonal, the attractive, the soul-full and the principles of perennial knowledge.

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The Enlightenment, with its insistent idealism providing a new vision of wisdom and sensibility (which later hardened into totalitarianism) voiced its ambition for the ecstatic through its critics.

23). What cannot be apprehended sensually is limitlessness, which, as an idea, excites the mind at its highest level of intensity. But this is to make a rift between the sensual and the sublime, and to restore the fantasy of ascent: the sublime again as spiritually uplifting, as the finality ( If idea _located in the person and not discoverable in the worl d. us Kant concludes that 'Sublimity, thereore, does not rest e in any of the things of nature, but only in our own mind . . 28), in a . .

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