Reimagining the Bible: The Storytelling of the Rabbis by Howard Schwartz

By Howard Schwartz

Reimagining the Bible collects a dozen essays through Howard Schwartz. jointly the essays current a coherent thought of ways during which every one successive section of Jewish literature has drawn upon and reimagined the former ones. The publication is geared up into 4 sections: the traditional types; the people culture; Mythic Echoes; and smooth Jewish Literature and the traditional types. inside of those divisions, all of the essays specializes in a particular style, starting from Torah and Aggadah to Kabbalah, fairy stories, and the fashionable Yiddish tales of S.Y. Agnon and Isaac Bashevis Singer.Arguing the $64000 thesis that there's a continuity in Jewish literature which extends from the Biblical period to our personal times--a interval of over 3,000 years--this assortment additionally serves as a consultant to the heritage of that literature, and to the genres it contains.

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In aggadic terms this correspondence is the natural harmony of the earthly Jerusalem and the heavenly Jerusalem, for the one cannot exist without the other. " No, the thing is very close to you, in your mouth and in your heart, to observe it.  It is into these symbols that the culture as a whole projects its hopes and dreams, permitting the mythic archetypes to assert their power.  But again the sages insisted that this proved nothing. " Thus they did not fall, in deference to Rabbi Yehoshua, but neither did they straighten out, out of respect for Rabbi Eliezer, and they are inclined to this day.

Also, note the presence of Cain's name in that of the descendant who assists in killing him, hinting that Cain, in a sense, killed himself.  31 This reading also supports the biblical injunction that the punishment for murder be death,32 and avoids setting the precedent that exceptions to this rule be permitted.  Singer and contemporary authors such as Cynthia Ozick, Moacyr Scliar, Steve Stern, and others.  How they did this is an object lesson in the midrashic method.  For in another list, in Numbers 26:46, that of the census taken by Moses in the wilderness, the name Serah bat Asher appears again: The name of Asher's daughter was Serah.

All versions seem to agree that this sacred light originated in Paradise. 11 Then Rabbi Nachman suggests that when a person delves deeply enough into the meaning of the Torah, he will at last reach a place where the hidden light shines forth in a moment of revelation.  They took this jewel with them, and the light that shone from within it reminded them of all that they had lost.  Other examples include the Book of Raziel—containing the history of future generations—which the angel Raziel is said to have given to Adam, and the garments of Adam and Eve, which were said to have been passed down to Cain, Nimrod, and Esau.

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