The Hunter's Kind (Hollow Gods, Book 2) by Rebecca Levene

By Rebecca Levene

Born in tragedy and raised in poverty, Krishanjit by no means aspired to be whatever more than what he was once: a humble goatherd, tending his flock at the slopes of his remoted mountain domestic. yet Krish has realized that he's the son of the king of Ashanesland - and the moon god reborn. Now, because of his allies, Krish is set to struggle his murderous father and grab keep watch over of Ashanesland. yet Dae Hyo, Eric and Olufemi, are dangerously unreliable and hiding secrets and techniques in their personal. To take Ashanesland, Krish needs to trip to the forbidden replicate city and liberate the secrets and techniques of its robust magic. however the expense of his victory should be a lot more than the implications of his defeat...For, deep within the far-off Moon woodland lives a woman known as Cwen - a disciple of the god recognized simply because the Hunter. She believes that Krish represents all that's evil on the planet. and he or she has made it her life's project to hunt Krish and wreck all who struggle through his side.


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Its prosperity it owes to its position at the head of the navigable part of the river. At Thrax, all goods shipped north on the Acis (many of which have traversed nine tenths of the length of Gyoll before entering the mouth of the smaller river, which may indeed be Gyoll’s true source) must be unloaded and carried on the backs of animals if they are to travel farther. Conversely, the hetmans of the mountain tribes and the landowners of the region who wish to ship their wool and corn to the southern towns bring them to take boat at Thrax, below the cataract that roars through the arched spillway of Acies Castle.

In our own case, a detached prison in a remote location would have been out of the question. Even if it had been provided with a sufficient number of troops, in addition to its clavigers, to fend off the attacks of the autochthons, zoanthrops, and cultellarii who roamed the countryside, not to mention the armed retinues of the petty exultants (who could never be relied upon), it would still have been impossible to provision without the services of an army to escort the supply trains. The Vincula of Thrax is therefore located by necessity within the city—specifically, about halfway up the cliffside on the west bank, and a half league or so from the Capulus.

The passionate pair in love’s embrace are at least equally willing to postpone the stabbing, if not more so. In life it is not the same. I stared at the mason, and he at me. I felt I could have killed him, but I could not be sure of it, both because he looked unusually strong and because I could not be certain he did not have some concealed weapon, or friends in the miserable dwellings close by. I felt he was about to spit onto the path between us, and if he had I would have flung my jelab over his head and pinned him.

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