The Precious Treasury of Philosophical Systems by Longchen Rabjam

By Longchen Rabjam

The dear Treasury of Philosophical platforms discusses the philosophical tenets of the complete spectrum of Buddhist teachings-Hinayana, Mahayana, Vajrayana, and Dzogchen. This sequence involves the volumes written through Longchen Rabjam that that, as a bunch, have grow to be often called The seven Treasuries. even though, Longchenpa didn't intend them to be sequence, students regularly deal with them as such due to their interrelated subject matters.

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25 4· The Buddha's words that came about through the blessings of the spontaneously present qualities and activity of enlightenment, as described in the introduction to The Hundred Thousand Stanzas, when the Tathagata's form appeared from an effulgence of light and taught the dharma. Other examples include the melodious sound of teachings issuing from mountains, trees, birds, lotuses, drums, and so forth. The Explanatory Essays states: 1. Through the blessings of this Teacher, teachings came even from birds, pieces of wood, pebbles, lotuses, wish-granting trees, and powerful drums.

These manifestations are organized primarily by the afflictive aspect of consciousness, and they are subsumed within the aggregates of both form and formative factors. bhidharma explains: The eighty thousand collections of teachings that were spoken by the Sage are syllables and words. They are subsumed within forms and formative factors. 20 4· AN ANALYSIS OF THE BUDDHA'S WORDS The Buddha's words can be analyzed in five ways. a. Essence Ii we analyze the Buddha's words with respect to their essence, we find :hat there are two aspects: scripture and realization.

LternatiYely. there are twenty days that can be counted as the 20 THE PRECIOUS TREASURY OF PHILOSOPHICAL SYSTEMS equivalent of two extra years; both the "year" of his birth and "year" of his passing into nirvana are counted as full years, though each is only ten days long. 40 In any event, he passed into nirvana while lying between two shala trees in the town of Kushinagara, the region in which the Malia, a clan of powerful athletes, arose. His funeral pyre spontaneously burst into flames, and his sacred remains were divided into eight portions.

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