The Surangama Sutra. A New Translation with Excerpts from by Buddhist Text Translation Society, David Rounds, Ronald

By Buddhist Text Translation Society, David Rounds, Ronald Epstein PhD

Сурангама сутра - одна из основополагающих и наиболее сложных сутр чань-буддизма. Книга является последним изданным полным переводом с китайского на английский (на русском есть лишь частичные переводы) и сопровождена комментариями.

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The existence of a self of cosmic conscious­ ness that is identified with the universe is also denied. All these “selves” are constructed, conventional designations that only contribute to our attachment to illusion. The true reality that does exist, and that is who we really are, lies beyond our attachment to a duality of self and other and a duality of existence and nonexistence. Enlightenment or Awakening In this volume we use the English terms “enlightenment” and “awakening” as synonyms. In Buddhism, when these terms are used in a formal sense, they do not connote a temporary experience but rather a complete and irreversible transformation of one’s fundamental way of being in the world.

47 Given this atmosphere, it must have been quite plain at the time that the teach­ ings of the Surangama Sutra directly addressed the problems that Indian society was experiencing. Perhaps that was why, according to the tradi­ tional accounts, the Sutra was considered a state treasure. Concerns about the Sutras Authenticity The authenticity of the Surangama Sutra has been challenged by some modern scholars on the grounds that, since no Indie original is extant, the text must be no translation at all but rather an original composition in the Chinese.

A n explanation of the five aggregates — form, sense- perception, cognition, mental formations, and consciousness — is given at pp. xlvi ff. x xiv I N T R O D U C T IO N of their own accord. But if practitioners fall under the influence of these states, they may become stuck. They may even face insanity or demonic possession, or they may simply stray from the Path. The practitioner may lead others into error as well. In describing people whose practice has taken a wrong turn, this section also serves as a warning against falling under the influence of spiritual charlatans and their cults.

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